'Whatever the f*** they're doing': Greta Thunberg in foul-mouthed rant at COP26 leaders

1 November 2021, 17:22 | Updated: 1 November 2021, 17:26

By James Morris

Greta Thunberg has said she doesn’t know "what the f***" world leaders are doing at COP26.

The Swedish climate activist claimed politicians at the key climate change summit are "pretending to take our futures seriously".

At a protest rally in Glasgow today, Ms Thunberg said: "Change is not going to come from inside there, that is not leadership."

Pointing to the activists gathered round her, she went on: "This is leadership, this is what leadership looks like.

Greta Thunberg alongside fellow climate activists during a demonstration at Festival Park, Glasgow, today
Greta Thunberg alongside fellow climate activists during a demonstration at Festival Park, Glasgow, today. Picture: Alamy

"We say: no more blah, blah, blah." This is a reference to her infamous speech in September in which she took aim at world leaders and their "empty promises" by repeating the words "blah, blah, blah".

The 18-year-old continued: "No more exploitation of people and nature and the planet. No more exploitation. No more blah, blah, blah.

"No more whatever the f*** they are doing inside there.

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"We are sick and tired of it and we are going to make the change, whether they like it or not."

Ms Thunberg then led chants of "no more blah, blah, blah".

She arrived in Glasgow on Sunday by train, and will take part in two large protests through the city later in the week.

Boris Johnson himself referenced Ms Thunberg during his speech at the COP26 opening ceremony today.

He said: "I was there in Paris six years ago when we agreed to net zero and to try to restrain the rise in the temperature of the planet to 1.5C, and all those promises will be nothing but blah blah blah – to coin a phrase – and the anger and impatience of the world will be uncontainable unless we make this COP26 in Glasgow the moment when we get real about climate change."

One of the key purposes of COP26 is to ensure leaders from 200 countries commit to net zero emissions by 2050.

Ms Thunberg has previously called for month-by-month emissions targets, compared to decade by decade.