Katie Price reveals she was raped at gunpoint by six men in harrowing carjacking incident in South Africa

7 September 2022, 11:49

Katie Price says she was raped in 2018
Katie Price says she was raped in 2018. Picture: Alamy

By Daisy Stephens

Katie Price has revealed she was raped at gunpoint by six men in a horrifying carjacking incident in South Africa in 2018.

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The 44-year-old reality star described being thrown out the vehicle by her attackers, during a journey from Johannesburg to Swaziland while she was in the country to film reality show My Crazy Life.

Ms Price has now revealed she was raped at gunpoint during the attack, telling the Mail Online she would not have been assaulted had she been accompanied by security.

"The experience when I was filming with ITV in South Africa, we had no security," she said.

"If we had security they would have been able to deal with the six guys that jumped us, held me at gunpoint and raped me."

LBC has approached ITV for comment.

Ms Price, pictured here in 2017, said she was raped by six men
Ms Price, pictured here in 2017, said she was raped by six men. Picture: Alamy

After the attack the vehicles were ransacked of valuables including passports, laptops and jewellery.

The attackers were never caught.

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Ms Price was speaking ahead of a new Channel 4 documentary titled Trauma And Me.

In the show she revealed she suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in the aftermath of the crash, and tried to kill herself.

"I hit severe depression a couple of years ago, depression on top of PTSD," she said.

"I was suicidal, didn't want to be here.

"Tried to kill myself."

The reality star revealed her suicide attempt in the aftermath of the attack
The reality star revealed her suicide attempt in the aftermath of the attack. Picture: Alamy

She went on: "I knocked myself out and had black eyes.

"I had bruises around my neck.

"I woke up.

"I didn't want to be here."

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She said she had attended the rehabilitation clinic The Priory, which was a condition of her sentence for drink-driving last year.

"I have had my eyes opened about a lot," she said.

"When you go in The Priory, people assume that it must be for drinks or drugs.

"I have never ever been in The Priory for drink, drugs or addiction.

"I have been in The Priory for trauma rehabilitation for PTSD."

She said people who go to the clinic are "brave because they are facing their demons".

Ms Price leaving court in December after being given a suspended jail sentence
Ms Price leaving court in December after being given a suspended jail sentence. Picture: Alamy

She has also blamed her illness for her crash.

The former model was given a 16-week suspended jail sentence in December for flipping her car near her Sussex home.

In the new documentary, she said: "'I live in the countryside, I had no outlet, I needed to talk to someone and that night I let myself down."

She said she was not "justifying" her actions but said "there was a reason why I got in the car and why my head was like that".

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"It happened and it's real but I have learnt," she said.

"I would never get into that place again."

She said she still has weekly therapy sessions, something she wished she had done a long time ago.

"I wish I would have done this years ago," she said.

"It would have stopped a lot of things that I might have said or reacted to."

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