Man rips down Palestinian flag in London before driver intervenes to stop him and ladder fight breaks out on street

9 December 2023, 14:57

A bizarre fight broke out after a man tore down a Palestinian flag
A bizarre fight broke out after a man tore down a Palestinian flag. Picture: Alamy

By Will Taylor

Police are investigating after a man tore down a Palestinian flag in London - then got into a fight with men trying to stop him.

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The man, wearing a beanie hat with the Cross of St George on it, was filmed from a nearby flat as he used a large bin and two ladders to climb up and rip down the black, white, green and red flag used to represent Palestine.

But as he ripped it down, a car pulled up and a driver got out to kick the bin out from under him.

He lashed out at the driver with one of the ladders, and threw it at him as the driver tried to kick at it.

Then the driver grabbed the ladder, and the man ran to pick up his other ladder before a bizarre fight broke out between them.

A bystander arrived and the man with the hat, who had tried to rip the flag down, lost possession of both ladders - causing him to flee the scene.

X users said it happened in Landgon Park, in Tower Hamlets.

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The Met said on Twitter: "This incident is under investigation. Officers were called by the man who had the ladder kicked out from under him.

"He was seen by paramedics. The other two men had left the area but officers are working to identify them.

"Anyone with information should call 101, giving the reference 3914/08DEC. Information can also be provided to Crimestoppers, anonymously, by calling 0800 555 111."

It comes as Israel continues to advance in the Gaza strip, issuing more evacuation notices while criticism mounts about the civilian death toll

Israel has vowed to destroy Hamas after the October 7 massacre.

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A resolution calling on a ceasefire failed this week after the US vetoed such a measure in the UN Security Council. The UK abstained.

Critics say too many innocent people have died in the invasion, while Israel says its operation is imperative to protect its own citizens and that any ceasefire would just allow Hamas terrorists to remain in charge of the strip.

As the war has raged on, posters of kidnapped Israelis have been torn down in London, while pro-Palestine marches have been criticised for some elements chanting the "river to the sea" song, which is claimed to be genocidal by critics.