The Speaker demands SNP Ian Blackford withdraws PM "liar" comment

9 September 2020, 13:31 | Updated: 9 September 2020, 13:32

By Fiona Jones

This is the moment SNP leader Ian Blackford was scolded by the Speaker for shouting "liar" and "charlatan" at the Prime Minister during PMQs.

The pair were clashing over the Government's decision to revisit the Brexit withdrawal bill which the Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis admitted on Tuesday would "break international law."

The SNP leader, reflecting on this, said, "The PM and his friends are creating a rogue state, one where the rule of law does not apply. Why does the PM and his friends think they are above the law?"

It was at the Prime Minister's response that Mr Blackford decided to heckle.

Speaker Lindsay Hoyle intervened: "I'm sure that the leader of the SNP would like to withdraw that last comment of being a liar.

"No Honourable Member would do that. Would you please withdraw?"

As Ian Blackford attempted to justify his accusations, Speaker Hoyle added: "Mr Blackford, you're a respected member of this House.

"You'll do the right thing by this House and I've accepted that you've withdrawn it."