2,500 Posties Attacked By Dogs EVERY YEAR: Shocking Photos Show Brutal Injuries

8 July 2019, 08:01

Warning: Graphic photos of injuries suffered by postal workers shown below.

Eight postmen and women are attacked by dogs every day
Eight postmen and women are attacked by dogs every day. Picture: PA

Royal Mail have issued new advice to dog owners after new statistics show that eight postal workers are attacked every day by dogs.

The company say that dog owners should feed their pets before the postman arrives and lock them away for ten minutes after he leaves in order to protect employees.

In the last year, there were 2,484 dog attacks on postal staff, representing increase of 9% on the year previously. 

The injuries suffered by postal worker Tina O'Toole
The brutal injuries suffered by postal worker Tina O'Toole. Picture: Royal Mail

Tina O'Toole, who was off work for five weeks after being attacked by a dog, said: “I was aware there was a dog at the premises as I had heard it when I had delivered previously but I’d never seen the dog outside.

“However, the day before the attack, the dog had attempted to grab the mail through the box. That made me think it was quite aggressive. On the day of the attack I posted the mail and was surprised there was no barking. I presumed the customers were out with the dog. Once I had delivered the mail I turned to leave the premises when I heard the dog barking and running up behind me. As I was attempting to get through the gate I felt pain to my right calf.

“I managed to get through the gate and close it behind me. I then went into shock and looked down at my leg to see the blood seeping through my trousers – it would have been much worse if I was wearing shorts. Neighbours called the ambulance and I was rushed to hospital.

“I’ve been off work now for five weeks and I’m just about to return. I’d just ask customers, please don’t have your dog loose in the garden when we are on our rounds. Owners are responsible for their dogs – no matter where there are. Owners often say their dogs won’t bite but there is no guarantee. Any dog can become aggressive and attack.”