Boris Johnson has 'complete confidence' in Hancock despite 'f***ing hopeless' messages

18 June 2021, 17:57

Boris Johnson: I have complete confidence in Matt Hancock

By Will Taylor

Boris Johnson has insisted he has "complete confidence" in Matt Hancock after appearing to call the Health Secretary "totally f***ing hopeless".

Leaked messages from the PM's ex-adviser Dominic Cummings seemed to show Mr Johnson being highly critical of his minister.

Conservatives have made moves to defend Mr Hancock, after Mr Cummings having claimed he lied in Cabinet room meetings and that he should have been sacked for "15 to 20 things".

Mr Hancock denies his claims.

Speaking on Friday, Mr Johnson said: "I have complete confidence in Matt and all of the government who have been dealing with Covid throughout the pandemic.

"And I think that when you look at the vaccine rollout that has been delivered by the NHS it is absolutely outstanding.

"And I would just remind you that today, under the leadership of Matt and the NHS, we've now done 80% of adults in this country have had a first jab and we're now asking 18-year-olds to come forward.

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Boris Johnson has insisted he has complete confidence in Matt Hancock
Boris Johnson has insisted he has complete confidence in Matt Hancock. Picture: PA

"So we're making huge, huge progress and that's down to the work of the NHS with Matt at the top of it."

Mr Cummings, who has been critical of Mr Johnson, leaked messages purportedly between himself and the PM.

Besides seemingly describing Mr Hancock's performance as "hopeless" in those, Mr Johnson appears to brand the PPE situation in April 2020 as a "disaster".

Mr Cummings has previously told MPs that the Health Secretary should "should have been fired for at least 15 to 20 things."

He also alleged Mr Hancock had wanted to use scientific advisers as a "shield".

Mr Hancock has denied the allegations and said it was "telling" the ex-aide was yet to provide the joint Health and Social Care Committee and Science and Technology Committee with written evidence to back up his claims.