Breaking: Earhquake Hits South Of Britain

17 February 2018, 15:33

Earthquake hits UK
Earthquake hits UK. Picture: LBC

An earthquake has struck southwest Britain, the British Geological Survey has confirmed.

It said the tremor was 4.4 magnitude and originated 20km north of Swansea, in Wales, just after 2.30pm on Saturday.

A spokesperson told Sky News it was "reasonably-sized" for earthquakes that usually hit the UK.

"Events of this magnitude only happen in the UK every two to three years," they added.But the effects were felt much further afield.

Tina Anton wrote on Twitter: "Just had a tremor as in earthquake in Cornwall! I lived in Greece and experienced loads there but never expected one in the southwest of England."

Tim Johnson also posted: "Anyone else just feel an earthquake then? The whole Hilton Liverpool building just shook violently."

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