Brexit Countdown Clock Delivered To Downing Street

1 August 2019, 16:57

Brexit countdown clock 10 Downing Street Boris Johnson
A package containing a digital countdown clock is carried in to 10 Downing Street in London. Picture: PA

As the 31st October Brexit deadline looms, a Brexit countdown clock worth an estimated £500 has been delivered to Downing Street.

10 Downing Street has confirmed that the Brexit countdown clock is to be displayed in Prime Minister Boris Johnson's office.

A similar clock has also been hung in Conservative Party headquarters below a message saying "we will have delivered Brexit and left the EU by".

Party Chair James Cleverly posed for a photo with the countdown clock, which has been shared on social media.

It is not clear how much the clocks cost, but similar items sell online for more than £500, plus VAT.

The Conservatives are footing the bill rather than taxpayers, according to a party spokesperson.

There are 92 days until Britain is due to leave the EU, which Mr Johnson has promised will happen on time "do or die".