British farmers descend on central London during rush hour in angry protest over ‘lack of government support’

25 March 2024, 18:16 | Updated: 25 March 2024, 22:41

British farmers descend on central London

Kieran Kelly

By Kieran Kelly

An army of tractors descended on central London during rush hour this evening as they launched a huge protest over a 'lack of support for British farming'.

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Save British Farming and Fairness for Farmers of Kent got together to launch their 'go-slow' convoy, which started in Kent earlier today.

They arrived in Westminster shortly before 6pm, with around 100 tractors involved, according to organisers.

Richard Ash, a farmer from Kent, told LBC’s Andrew Marr that the farmers were protesting against “unfair labelling by retailers and subsidised imports”.

British farmer speaks to LBC amid Westminster protest

“Food is coming from all over the world on planes, lorries and boats, with a huge carbon footprint, we feel,” Mr Ash told LBC.

“It isn’t to the same standard that our British food is. We just want to grow food for the British public.

“We want to get a fair price for what we do and not to be prejudiced against by imports.”

Farmers take part in a tractor 'go-slow' through Parliament Square, Westminster
Farmers take part in a tractor 'go-slow' through Parliament Square, Westminster. Picture: Alamy
Farmers from across the country at a tractor rally in Westminster
Farmers from across the country at a tractor rally in Westminster. Picture: Alamy
Farmers protests in the UK today
Farmers protests in the UK today. Picture: Alamy

It follows months of similar protests across the European Union, including in Spain, Belgium, France and the Netherlands.

Here in the UK, the tractors had Union flags plastered on the front, while protesters were seen waving placards with messages such as: "No farmers, no food, no future."

Liz Webster, founder of Save British Farming, said: “In 2019, this Government was elected with a mandate to uphold our standards and deliver a ready-made deal with the EU which would see British agriculture boom.

“It is now entirely obvious that they have totally betrayed us all.”

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The government has defended its position, claiming it puts farming "at the heart of British trade".

Farming Minister Mark Spencer said: “We firmly back our farmers. British farming is at the heart of British trade, and we put agriculture at the forefront of any deals we negotiate, prioritising new export opportunities, protecting UK food standards and removing market access barriers.

“We’ve maintained the £2.4 billion annual farming budget and recently set out the biggest ever package of grants which supports farmers to produce food profitably and sustainably.

“We are also looking at ways to further improve fairness in the supply chain, and have launched a consultation to make food labelling fairer, supporting British farmers and growers and ensuring high-quality British produce get the recognition they deserve.”

Tractors on their way to London from Kent earlier today
Tractors on their way to London from Kent earlier today. Picture: Alamy

But farmers say they are not receiving enough support from the government.

Farmers are calling for an end to an end to trade deals which they claim allow is allowing sub-standard food to be imported into the UK.

As a result, British farmers claim they have been undercut.

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