British woman plunges 13,600ft to death after scaling Moroccan mountain 'without a guide'

2 November 2022, 15:07

Mount Toubkal in 2018 at the scene of another horrific crime
Mount Toubkal in 2018 at the scene of another horrific crime. Picture: Getty
Fran Way

By Fran Way

A British woman has died after falling down a hole while attempted to scale a 13,600ft mountain in Morocco ‘without a tour guide’.

Her and a partner set off from Al Rovij on October 25 to climb Mount Toubkal – which is in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains and has the highest peak in North Africa.

It has been reported that they didn’t hire a guide to take them to the top and instead set out alone.

Locals say she fell down a crevice near the peak – which is the tallest point of the mountain and where climbers pose for pictures.

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It is understood that she died instantly on impact and emergency services arrived to investigate what happened.

The Foreign Office confirmed that her family have been told.

The mountain has been at the centre of other horrific fatalities in recent years.

In 2016, a British teenager named Connor Jarvis fell to his death trekking through the Atlas mountains without a guide.

In 2018, two Scandinavian women were found beheaded in what it thought to have been an Isis attack in the same region.