Care homes will be 'forced' to take visitors under new government plans

12 November 2022, 17:45 | Updated: 12 November 2022, 18:17

Some care homes refuse to accept visitors, despite the lifting of restrictions
Some care homes refuse to accept visitors, despite the lifting of restrictions. Picture: Alamy

By Adam Solomons

Care homes will be made to accept visitors - or get marked down by inspectors.

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Hundreds of care homes and hospitals still refuse to take guests, despite the lifting of Covid-related restrictions several months ago.

Although the vast majority of England's 14,535 care homes now allow visits, those who still do not will be penalised by the Care Quality Commission under the new plans.

It's thought that's around two per cent - or 290.

Care minister Helen Whately said she has been unable to visit her critically ill mother.

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She told The Times: "No one can be in any doubt now how much visits matter. I know how it feels.

"I didn’t know if I would see my mum alive again when she was very ill in hospital in the summer. I remember well the feelings I had at the time — grief mixed with frustration and even anger at a system that seemed to lack humanity."

It's not known yet whether regular NHS hospitals will be included in the new plans.