Caroline Flack's ex boyfriend Danny Cipriani says she was 'killed by shame'

21 February 2020, 19:33

In a heartfelt Instagram video, Danny Cipriani said the former Love Island presenter was killed by "embarrassment and shame", whilst revealing his own mental health struggles.

The England rugby player posted the emotional clip in tribute to Caroline Flack, who took her own life in her east London home last weekend.

Cipriani said he had been in contact with Flack in the last four months of her life, and she had attempted to contact him just hours before her death.

He holds back tears as he explains that he has a voicemail left by Flack that he "still hasn't listened to."

"I will listen to it at some point, because people need to hear it," he continued.

During the video, he begins crying as he admits "I've sent her messages since she died, but she's not going to hear them as her phone's not on and she's not here."

Explaining how the pair shared "a loving friendship" and said "it was ultimately embarrassment and shame that killed her".

Danny Cipriani previously dated Caroline Flack
Danny Cipriani previously dated Caroline Flack. Picture: Instagram / PA

Cipriani also addressed his own mental health struggles, and explained why he was speaking out on social media.

He explained he has gone through "severed depression" ten years ago, and at points had considered taking his own life.

"I couldn't do it because I had some fight in me," he said.

Reiterating an Instagram post shared by Flack last year, he said "In a world where you can be anything, be kind."

Flack was due to stand trial next month after being charged with assaulting her partner in December.

"Embarrassment and shame is not something that should make you do this," he said.

"I've worried my whole life what people say about me. I don't care any more. I know who I am."

"I'm not trying to go at the media here, I'm trying to go at every single human being, it's not them and us it's everybody," he said.

"I understand the CPS made an example of her, but it's not their fault. But it's the society we've created."

He said his ex's death meant he could "see clearly now" and was "strong enough to share my moments of vulnerability".

"I am just asking that we are kind and if you have vulnerable moments, and you have people you care about and close to you, you should share it with them," he added.