China suffers biggest Covid outbreak since Wuhan

30 July 2021, 15:53

People have been queuing up to get tested due to the outbreak.
People have been queuing up to get tested due to the outbreak. Picture: Alamy

By Emma Soteriou

China has suffered its biggest outbreak of Covid-19 since the virus first emerged in Wuhan, according to state media.

The cluster was first discovered in the Chinese city of Nanjing but has since spread to five other provinces.

It also covers at least 15 cities - including Beijing and Chengdu.

The outbreak is the largest of its kind since the first wave of the virus hit Wuhan at the end of 2019, according to Chinese media.

City-wide testing has since been launched, with all 9.3 million living in the city expected to be tested.

Checkpoints have also been set up in a bid to control the spread among travellers.

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'If you'd seen what I've seen, you'd have your jab in a heartbeat.'

Officials revealed that the Delta variant was responsible for the rise in cases, mostly due to busy airports.

The virus was first detected at Nanjing Lukou International Airport when cleaners tested positive after cleaning a plane following an international flight.

It has now led to around 200 people being infected.

As a result, all flights from the airport have been suspended until mid-August, The Global Times reported.

New arrivals to the Sichuan province are also expected to isolate for 14 days in facilities, followed by another seven at home.

As of 29 July, mainland China had 92,875 confirmed Covid cases.