Cladding campaigner reveals dissatisfaction at Robert Jenrick 'talking shop' meeting

7 December 2020, 12:05 | Updated: 7 December 2020, 12:33

Cladding campaigner reveals dissatisfaction with Robert Jenrick 'talking shop' meeting

By Sam Sholli

This is the moment a cladding campaigner told LBC of his dissatisfaction at a meeting he had with Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick.

The exchange comes amid news that hundreds of thousands of flat owners could be forced to take on 30-year loans akin to a second mortgage to fix fire safety defects.

Campaigners have expressed concern that the Government proposals would leave leaseholders in negative equity while developers, builders and freeholders of dangerous blocks escape the burden.

Leaseholders hit by the scandal are starting to file for bankruptcy, it has been reported.

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Cladding campaigner Giles Grover told LBC's Nick Ferrari: "We met Robert Jenrick a couple of weeks ago and it's pretty much just a talking shop.

"He just talked at us...for about 20-25 minutes, briefly listened to what we had to say, gave us the usual trite lawyered answers and we didn't get any further.

"We know there's money out there but the money isn't sufficient. The Government knows that, the select committee knows that.

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"Literally everyone knows that. But Government just doesn't want to help us out anymore. They've just stopped."

He later said: "We just need to force the Government to actually understand that the deadlines are impossible, the funds limited [and] they're not covering all issues."