Clashes Becoming Increasingly Violent At Hong Kong Airport

13 August 2019, 16:42 | Updated: 13 August 2019, 17:27

Protests have turned violent in the second day of demonstrations
Protests have turned violent in the second day of demonstrations. Picture: @rossysexton

A suspected undercover police officer is being held by protestors.

Violent protests have further escalated between protestors and police in Hong Kong airport.

Hong Kong police have stated that they were trying to disperse protestors after a man was besieged by protestors. He is suspected by protestors to be an undercover police officer.

The suspected officer has been cable tied to a luggage trolley and been physically assaulted.

The Chinese government have confirmed their support for Carrie Lam and her government.

Police have left the airport after being overwhelmed by pro-democracy protestors as all flights are grounded for a second day.

A police officer has been taken to hospital after being injured in the protests.

Riot police have been clashing with pro-democracy protestors, and Hong Kong Airport has confirmed that operations are "severely delayed".

Passengers in the airport have been told to get out of the terminal as soon as they can as clashes become increasingly violent.

The UN Commissioner for Human Rights has called for an investigation into whether the actions of police broke international law, with reports that tear gas has been thrown into the crowds.