Coronavirus panic-buying: Women brawl over last packet of toilet roll

9 March 2020, 08:04 | Updated: 9 March 2020, 11:00

A fight broke out in an Australian supermarket over the last packet of toilet roll as coronavirus panic-buying took hold.

The incident was caught on camera in a Woolworths store in Chullora, Sydney this weekend.

Officers urged people to stop panic buying, saying: "It's not the Thunderdome, it's not Mad Max, we don't need to do that."

A fight broke out over toilet roll in Australia
A fight broke out over toilet roll in Australia. Picture: YouTube

The UK has seen similar tales of panic-buying.

Sales of dry pasta and tinned goods have shot up, while shelves of essentials including toilet roll and paracetamol have been emptied.

Tesco and Ocado are among the retailers only allowing customers to buy a certain number of specific products.

It all started when Public Health England urged members of the public to “plan ahead” in case they had to self-isolate for a couple of weeks.

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden insisted there is no need to bulk buy.

He said" "There is absolutely no need for anybody to stockpile or anything like that.

"We are confident that the supermarkets have the supply chains necessary to keep shelves stocked for people, so there really is no need for that (bulk-buying) to happen."