Attack unprovoked

CCTV: Man Knocked Unconscious And Robbed In Random London Attack

The frenzied attack was caught on CCTV

Man Launches Frenzied Knife Attack On Police Officers After Fake 999 Call

Matthew Lewis was caught on CCTV going through the pensioner's purse

Shocking CCTV Shows Window Cleaner Stealing From Pensioner With Dementia

Passengers scream for the locked train doors to open amid fighting on a stationary train

Shocking Moment Passengers Try To Break Open Locked Train Door

The heart-stopping moment was caught on CCTV

Man At Cashpoint Narrowly Avoids Death After 100mph Drug-Driver Crashes Into Wall


Watch: Drink-Driver’s Crash Filmed On Her Own Dashcam

Police hunting man who kicked a cyclist off his bike

CCTV Released As Cyclist Fights For His Life After Being Kicked Off His Bike

Charles Traverso told police he had tights on his head to "keep warm"

Moment Prolific Thief Tells Police He Has Tights On His Head To “Keep Warm”

The brazen bag snatch was caught on CCTV inside Heathrow Airport

3, 2, 1 Gone! Brazen Bag Snatchers Target Passengers In Heathrow Airport

The dramatic arrest was captured on police body-cam

Moment Knifeman Who Stabbed Cop In Neck Is Detained After Hiding In A Shower

A man has been jailed for ramming a police car and driving down the wrong side of the motorway

Man Who Rammed Police Car And Drove Wrong Way On Motorway Jailed

The chilling machete attack was caught on CCTV

Thugs Launch Brutal Machete Attack In Front Of Horrified Tesco Shoppers

The chilling attack was caught on CCTV

Moment London Teen Was Chased By Gang Of 20 Before Fatal Stabbing

The shocking incident was caught on CCTV

CCTV: Pedestrian Catapulted 65ft In Shocking Hit-And-Run Crash

14-year-old pedestrian narrowly avoids being hit by van jumping red light

Terrifying Moment Teenager Narrowly Avoids Being Hit By Van Jumping Red Light

Rider films himself committing 30 offences, and gets sent to jail

Rider Who Films Himself Committing 30 Driving Offences Gets Promptly Jailed