Daughter of ex-Tottenham boss Peter Shreeves 'hurled wet cement at her neighbours 'during hate campaign

1 December 2022, 16:51

Joanne Shreeves is accused of hurling cement over the fence at her neighbour
Joanne Shreeves is accused of hurling cement over the fence at her neighbour. Picture: CPS/Social media

By Stephen Rigley

The daughter of ex-Tottenham manager Peter Shreeves spat and hurled wet cement over the fence as she waged a hate campaign against her neighbours, a court heard.

Joanne Shreeves, 52, yelled abuse at Sandra Durdin, 58, and her then husband Trevor Dempsey, 62, before spitting at their son, Mitchell, Stratford Magistrates Court was told.

She also allegedly swore and made a slit-throat gesture at her neighbour.

The continual threats left the family, who eventually moved due to the alleged abuse, fearful to go into their garden.

Woman seen throwing cement over fence

Footage appears to show moment woman spits into neighbours' property

CCTV footage shown in court yesterday displayed Shreeves on one occasion hurling rocks and wet cement over the fence, hitting Mr Dempsey.

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Mr Dempsey told the court: "I’m working in the garden. We kept being prodded with broomsticks, branches, then Joanne Shreeves came out with a shovel and threw cement over on our side, landing on me and my wall."

Shreeves is said to have caused £2,667 worth of damage to Mr Dempsey’s potting shed.

Drain covers were also broken along with flowers. More footage shows Shreeves shouting at the couple as she kicks their garden fence in rage.

At another point on August 6, 2020, Sandra was confronted with verbal abuse in her garden in Chingford.

She told the court: "She said “do you know what happens to dirty c*****” and “you won’t have a family", she was threatening me, making threats to my family as well whilst kicking the fence in.

"We’re trapped. We can’t even live in our own house, that’s why we moved."

More CCTV captures Shreeves allegedly spitting at Sandra’s son Mitchell before laughing her head off and walking away.

Sandra said: "I saw it with my own eyes, she spat on my son, I was absolutely disgusted by it."

Joanne Shreeves
Joanne Shreeves. Picture: social media

Shreeves has previously been convicted of common assault in relation to Mitchell Durdin and criminal damage in respect of a shed, fence and garden flowers to the value of £440.

She was also convicted of two counts of threatening behaviour with intent in relation to the couple by a judge at Stratford Magistrates’ Court in May.

She failed to attend court due to illness and was granted a retrial in August.

Shreeves has denied all allegations, claiming she stuck her tongue out and the CCTV images have been faked.