Mother's shock as delivery driver dumps 10kg parcel on top of sleeping baby

4 January 2023, 10:08

The incident took place in Sweden
The incident took place in Sweden. Picture: Instagram

By Kit Heren

A woman was left shocked when she found her baby underneath a 10kg parcel that a delivery driver had left on top of its pram.

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The child's mother had left the baby to sleep in the pram outside their home in Sweden, where it is customary to leave babies sleeping outside, even in cold weather, as it is thought to be good for their health.

Venturing outside herself, the mother was startled to find a Hello Fresh grocery delivery left on top of the baby.

The woman said in an Instagram post: "Congratulations, you crushed a sleeping baby in its pram with a 10KG parcel and have no shame.

"Thank God the baby is OK! Never again!"

'What does it mean for NATO to have Sweden and Finland in, if that happens?'

The driver came back to apologise with flowers and chocolates, and was reportedly "close to tears" , according to another post on the mother's Instagram account.

The incident was brought further to light by Swedish blogger Camilla Gervide on her website, who said that the mother complained to Gordon Delivery, the company responsible.

In compensation, she was offered 250 Swedish kronor by the company - equivalent to about £20 - before also getting two free deliveries.

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A spokesman for the business told the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet that the driver wanted to leave the parcel in a safe and dry area, and he thought that the pram was suitable.

He added that the driver was not aware that the baby was sleeping in the pram, and that he was "very sorry" for the incident.