Disabled Campaigners Criticise Amazon Over Blind Referee Halloween Costume

29 October 2018, 09:19

Amazon's Blind Referee Halloween costume
Amazon's Blind Referee Halloween costume. Picture: Amazon

Amazon have come under fire for selling a Halloween costume of a blind referee.

The fancy dress outfit comes with a black and white striped top and black trousers - the uniform of an American football referee - as well as dark glasses and a white stick.

Dr Tom Pey of the Royal Society for Blind Children accused the seller of creating a joke product "at the expense of blind children".

One furious commenter on Amazon wrote: "I can't believe a company would encourage kids to dress up as someone with a disability. 

"Why don't we just go a head encourage a mockery of amputees and cancer patients while we're at it? Thank you for telling my child that he is no more than a monster to be made fun of each year."