Dominic Cummings: I'm Not Surprised People Are Angry About Brexit

27 September 2019, 06:57

Dominic Cummings, speaking at a book launch
Dominic Cummings, speaking at a book launch. Picture: PA

The Prime Minister's senior adviser has said it is not surprising that some people are angry with MPs over the handling of Brexit.

Dominic Cummings says the only way the issue of threats and abuse will be solved is if parliament respects the result of the EU referendum.

Boris Johnson has repeatedly promised to stick to the current 31st October deadline - with or without a deal.

At a book event last night, Mr Cummings said: "It is not surprising some people are angry about it.

"If you are a bunch of politicians and say that we swear we are going to respect the result of a democratic vote, and then after you lose you say, 'we don't want to respect that vote', what do you expect to happen?

"In the end, the situation can only be resolved by Parliament honouring its promise to respect the result."

Mr Cummings described the current chaos as "a walk in the park" compared to the referendum, in which he was the campaign director for Vote Leave.

He added: "We are enjoying this, we are going to leave and we are going to win."

Labour MP Paula Sherriff had criticised the Prime Minister, telling the House of Commons: "This evening the Prime Minister has continually used pejorative language to describe an act of parliament passed by this House.

"We should not resort to using offensive, dangerous or inflammatory language for legislation that we do not like.

"We stand here under the shield of our departed friend [Jo Cox] with many of us here subjected to death threats and abuse every single day.

"And they often quote his words: Surrender Act, betrayal, traitor. And I for one are sick of it."

Mr Johnson's response was simply: "I have never heard so much humbug in all my life."