Donald Trump Wants To Buy Greenland For The US

16 August 2019, 08:05

Donald Trump is interested in buying Greenland
Donald Trump is interested in buying Greenland. Picture: PA

Donald Trump has spoken to advisors about the possibility of the US purchasing Greenland.

A report in the Wall Street Journal suggested that the President of the US has mentioned the idea of buying the world's largest island - at roughly the size of western Europe.

Greenland is an autonomous territory of Denmark and the US has tried to buy it twice before.

In 1946, Denmark rejected a $100million offer from the US to purchase Greenland and have previously talked of swapping land in Alaska.

A source told the Associated Press that the president had discussed the purchase but there were no plans to pursue the idea.

Neither the White House nor Denmark have commented about the story.

The US has a major military base in Greenland, hosting 600 personnel and a key part of their missile-tracking system.

President Trump is making his first official visit to Denmark next month, but purchasing Greenland is not expected to be on the agenda.