Shocking moment driver hits tow truck ramp at full speed, launches 120ft in the air and crashes into another car

1 June 2023, 14:38

The car launched 120ft in the air
The car launched 120ft in the air. Picture: Video Screengrab

By Emma Soteriou

Bodycam footage has shown the moment a driver hit a tow truck ramp and was launched into the air before crashing into another vehicle.

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Footage from a Lowndes County Sheriff's deputy, who was attending to a crash on the other side of the road at the time, caught the moment of impact.

A 21-year-old woman from Tallahassee was severely injured in the airborne crash but survived the incident, the Georgia State Patrol confirmed.

Bodycam footage showed the deputy rushing over to help the driver following the crash.

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Car in Georgia flies off ramp and slams into another in horror car crash

Before the crash, he could be seen walking along a stopped highway before turning towards the other side of the road with the red tow truck in view.

A black car passed as a worker stepped in front of the stopped truck before a motorist in a grey car hit the back of the truck.

It flew through the air, turning on its side and then went on to hit the black car in front.

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The car launched into the air
The car launched into the air. Picture: Video screen grab

Debris could be seen scattered across the road and in the grass as the officer ran towards the car. The clip cut out as he neared the vehicle, which showing the extent of damage to the front.

A police incident report is understood to have said the car "vaulted" around 120 feet over the tow truck after launching off its ramp.

It was not clear whether the driver would face charges in connection to the accident.