Everything You Need To Know About How To Stay Cool In The Heatwave

23 July 2019, 11:55 | Updated: 23 July 2019, 11:56

Sunbathers lie on the grass in Green Park, London.
Sunbathers lie on the grass in Green Park, London. Picture: PA

With temperatures rising in the heatwave, here are ten top tips for how to survive what could be the hottest day of 2019.

1) Stay hydrated

Drink plenty of cold drinks to stay hydrated and to protect your kidneys.

Stay hydrated
Stay hydrated. Picture: PA

2) Get a fan

Fans move the air around and create a breeze to increase the efficiency of the body’s normal methods of keeping cool - so it's worth investing in one.

3) Be careful about opening windows...

Only open windows if the air outside is cooler than the air inside. The best time to open windows is normally in the evening when it cools down.

4) Blinds

Keep blinds and shutters down in hot weather.

Blinds can keep out the heat
Blinds can keep out the heat. Picture: PA

5) Showers

Taking a cool shower or bath just before bed will help lower the body's temperature before you go to sleep.

6) Food

Opt for lighter meals. Don't eat too close to bedtime as your body will heat up trying to digest it, leaving you dehydrated.

Salad. Picture: Getty

7) Bedding

Don't use a duvet or blankets. A cotton sheet, if anything, is the best thing to sleep in.

8) Bedclothes

Wear short cotton pyjamas, rather than synthetic long ones.

9) Suncream

Apply sunscreen generously to protect yourself from UV rays. Stay in the shade between 11am - 3pm when the sun is strongest.

Suncream is important in hot weather
Suncream is important in hot weather. Picture: PA

10) Be careful when exercising

Avoid going on runs under the sun in the middle of the day. Make sure you stay extra hydrated if you go to the gym.

Temperatures are on the rise
Temperatures are on the rise. Picture: PA

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