Exact date UK to be battered by heavy rain before temperatures soar past 30C

13 August 2023, 12:11 | Updated: 14 August 2023, 04:59

The UK is set to be hit with heavy rain this week
The UK is set to be hit with heavy rain this week. Picture: Alamy

By Kit Heren

Brits are set to be hit with heavy rain yet again this week, before being bathed in glorious sunshine.

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The downpour will last from midday on Sunday until 9pm on Monday, covering much of the north of England and most of Wales.

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for the area, with stormy weather forecast.

"Homes and businesses could also be flooded, causing damage to some buildings", according to the Met Office.

Some power outages are possible, along with delays to trains and buses.

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Rain is set to continue after a wet couple of months
Rain is set to continue after a wet couple of months. Picture: Alamy

But the rain will soon break, as warm tropical air could make parts of the UK hotter than California at the end of next week with temperatures set to soar past 30C.

High pressure set to build from the middle of the week means south-east England could reach 32C on Friday, according to the Met Office - higher than the 26C predicted for Los Angeles.

"We are looking at the possibility of reaching the low 30s later in the week, most likely on Friday, probably in and around London, running into East Anglia and other parts of the South and East.

"We've got low pressure dominating at the moment, that will eventually give way to another area of heavy rain and cloud which will move up from the South and West into Monday, which will be a miserable and wet day across England and Wales.

Shoppers in the rain
Shoppers in the rain. Picture: Alamy

"Beyond that, there are tentative signs of an improvement, gradually losing that showery signal during Tuesday and Wednesday, and temperatures will start to climb.

"We've got high pressure building from the middle of the week and that will tap into some tropical continental air, which will draw up some very warm, locally hot air that will allow temperatures to climb steadily.

"By the time we get into Friday and maybe into Saturday we stand a chance of breaking into the 30s."

But the sun is set to come back towards the end of the week
But the sun is set to come back towards the end of the week. Picture: Alamy

Temperatures may also climb in other parts of the country on Friday, with much of England and Wales to surpass 25C, while Scotland and Northern Ireland could reach the low-to-mid 20s.

Many areas will be dry with sunny spells during the warm period, according to the Met Office, but there may be outbreaks of thundery showers.

Mr Stroud said the heat will be short-lived as low pressure will move back in, making next weekend more unsettled.