From a man who meditates every morning to a corporate lawyer: The 12 jurors who will decide Donald Trump's fate

19 April 2024, 09:41 | Updated: 19 April 2024, 09:44

Former President Donald Trump during jury selection at Manhattan criminal court
Former President Donald Trump during jury selection at Manhattan criminal court. Picture: Alamy

By StephenRigley

After a brutal selection process 12 Manhattan residents have been picked to decide Donald Trump's fate in his historic hush money trial.

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The 12 - who include a corporate lawyer and a woman who called the former-president "selfish" will ultimately decide if Trump is guilty of hiding a $130,000 payment to porn star Stormy Daniels to keep her quiet about their alleged affair.

During the three day selection process, the 12 were subjected to extensive questioning and research into their backgrounds and all answered 'yes' when asked if they could be impartial and fair in the trial of the first former president in history.

Their identities will remain a secret unless they decide to come forward when the case is complete.

Former President Donald Trump gestures in the hallway outside the Manhattan criminal court in New York
Former President Donald Trump gestures in the hallway outside the Manhattan criminal court in New York. Picture: Alamy

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Here is what we know about the jurors::

B400 The salesman who watches Fox News and reads the Daily Mail

A man who now lives in West Harlem will take up seat number one in the jury box.

He works in sales and previously was a waiter. In his spare time he likes to do anything 'outdoorsy.' He lives with his spouse and has no children. 

One of the challenges for Trump's legal team has been to find jurors in liberal Manhattan who do not get all their news from the New York Times. He said he reads the Daily Mail and watches Fox News.

B565 The investment banker who follows Trump and Michael Cohen

In seat two will sit an investment banker who holds an MBA in finance. He said he follows Trump on social media but also Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen but has not made any political contributions.

In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, music concerts and exploring New York City.

B381 The corporate lawyer who made Trump think

Court reporters describe the man in seat three as someone in his late 20s or early thirties. He has lived in the New York's Chelsea for five years and likes to hike and run.

Trump listened intently as he gave his answers to the questionnaire, holding his own copy close to his face as he did so.

B470 The father-of-three security engineer from California who likes comedy podcasts

The juror in seat number four is a security engineer originally from California who lives on the Upper West Side. 

The father-of-three likes to do 'various things' including wood and metal-working and previously served on a grand jury and another jury 'some time ago.' He reads a 'smattering' of news organizations, listens to comedy podcasts.

B374 The teacher from Harlem who gets her news from Google and TikTok and does not like newspapers

In seat five sits a black woman in her late 20s who has a masters degree in education and describes herself as "a creative at heart." in her spare time she enjoys theatre, writing and travelling.

When asked if she has a strong opinion about Trump, she spoke about the past election saying 'there was a divide in the country and I can’t ignore that.''However, I never equated that to one individual,' she added.

B297 The software engineer worried about a scheduling conflict in September

A young woman who recently graduated college will sit in seat six.

She is a software engineer who gets her news from New York Times, Google, Facebook and TikTok who voiced no strong opinions about Trump saying "I will be fair and impartial."

Her bigger concern: a scheduling conflict in September. 

B267 The middle aged civil litigator who has never served on a jury

The juror who will be seated in seat seven is a middle aged white man in glasses who lives on the Upper East Side. He is a civil litigator who enjoys spending time outdoors and with his children and has never served on a jury.

The reader of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Post and Washington Post said there were policies he agreed with and ones he disagreed with but that he didn't have any particular opinions of Trump personally, though he is aware of the lawsuits out there.

B639 The retired wealth manager who meditates every morning

Sitting in seat eight in a married retired wealth manager who lives on the Upper East Side. He has children and his hobbies include a flight machine, skiing, yoga and medication, which he does every morning. 

When asked if he has strong opinions or firmly held beliefs about Trump, or the fact that he is a current candidate for president that could prevent them from being impartial, he paused before answering yes. When asked again to be clear: "Do you have any opinions or beliefs that would prevent you from being impartial?" He responded "No."

B423 The speech therapist who can leave her opinions of Trump 'at the door'

A speech therapist with both undergraduate and masters degrees will sit in seat nine. In her free time the young white woman likes to hang out with friends, watch TV, visit restaurants and go on walks. 

She said "I do have opinions, but I do firmly believe I can be fair and impartial." The woman said she tends to not agree with a lot of Trump's politics, but she said she believes she can leave that "at the door."

B789 The e-commerce company man

A man who works in e-commerce for an eyewear company will sit in seat ten. When not working, he spends time outdoors. 

The man claimed he doesn't really follow the news but said if anything the New York Times. He listens to podcasts on behavioural psychology. 

B500 The product development manager who does not follow news but reads fashion magazines

The woman in seat eleven is a product development manager from upper Manhattan who enjoys traveling and eating. 

She pays attention to fashion publications for her job but does not follow news

When asked about Trump she said she doesn't have strong opinions but doesn't like "his persona." but that did not mean she could not be impartial.

She said: "He seems very selfish and self serving. I don’t really appreciate that from any public servant." She stated how he portrays himself in pubic is "not my cup of tea."

B440 The tennis playing physical therapist

A woman who has worked as a physical therapist for the past fifteen years will sit in seat twelve.

 In her spare time, she likes to run, play tennis, hike, paddle board and listen to live music. 

B714 The alternate

A woman who works as an investment analyst for an asset manager is seated as the first alternate.

In her spare time she likes to run, hang out with friends and eat food.