Far-Right Knifeman Admits Attempted Murder Was Racially Motivated

16 August 2019, 13:32

Police have searched Fuller's home in Stanwell, Surrey
Police have searched Fuller's home in Stanwell, Surrey. Picture: PA

Vincent Fuller has told police that his attack on a Bulgarian man was racially motivated, but denies that it was an act of terrorism.

A fifty year old man who slashed a Bulgarian man in a Tesco car park has admitted to attempted murder.

Vincent Fuller attempted to kill Dimitar Mihaylor by thrusting a knife through his car car window in March.

He approached Mr Hihaylor's car and shouted "you are going to die" before attempting to stab him.

The victim was slashed across his hands and neck.

The incident took place in Stanwell, Surrey, just one day after the New Zealand terror attack that killed 51 Muslims.

Fuller had previously shown his support Brenton Tarrant, the gunman in the attack, on his Facebook page.

In a post, he wrote, "I am English, no matter what the government say kill all the non English and get them all out of our of England."

He has now admitted that the attack was racially motivated.

Prosecutors have said that the attack was an act of far-right terrorism, which he denies.

Earlier that day Fuller had approached the home of a neighbour, who is of south Asian descent, armed with a baseball bat.

Fuller had also been seen attacking occupied vehicles whilst shouting "white supremacy" and "kill all Muslims".

He will be sentenced on 5th September, and a judge will determine whether his actions amounted to terrorism.