Flight Delay Left Man With Parkinson's Out Of Medication

2 August 2019, 10:48

The passenger's BA flight was delayed and he ran out of medication
The passenger's BA flight was delayed and he ran out of medication. Picture: PA

A man with Parkinson's says he was left "totally fatigued" when he ran out of medication because his flight was delayed and Special Assistance didn't accommodate him.

Parkinson's UK trustee David Allan was told his British Airways (BA) flight from Gatwick to Edinburgh on Friday at 21.25 BST would not fly from Heathrow until 22:00 the following day.

The change of flight times and airports meant that the 57-year-old, who takes 27 tablets a day, would be left short on his medication.

His requirement for special assistance was also not transferred between airports and flights.

Mr Allan contacted NHS 111, Crawley Hospital and a chemist - but there were no supplies of his medication available.

"I was struggling to put one foot in front of the other," he said. "I wasn't quite on my hands and knees but I was very near it.

"It seems ridiculous that in this modern, connected world there was no way I could access medication and that the airline and airports were so ill-equipped to help.

"I'll be taking extra supplies with me every time I travel in future."

BA and the airports involved have apologised.

They said transportation and accommodation were provided to Mr Allan during the disruption and that he was rebooked on to the next flight.