Fossil hunters urged to stay away after massive Jurassic Coast landslide

15 April 2021, 08:29 | Updated: 15 April 2021, 08:33

4,000 tonnes of land came down on the beach in Dorset
4,000 tonnes of land came down on the beach in Dorset. Picture: Getty

By Asher McShane

Fossil hunters are being urged to stay away from a section of collapsed cliff on the Jurassic Coast after a landslide sent 4,000 tonnes of rubble crashing down onto a beach.

Dorset Council has urged people to stay away as another section of cliffs near Seatown in Dorset could come down.

The Council posted earlier this week: "There's been another cliff fall just East of Seatown.

"About 300m of the cliff has been affected including the coast path. The path has been cordoned off. The cliff is still very unstable and more is expected to be lost. Please take notice of safety signs."

People are being urged to stay away from the area
People are being urged to stay away from the area. Picture: Getty

The sandstone cliff collapsed overnight on Monday between Seatown and Eype Beach, blocking a 1,000ft stretch of coastline.

Further cliff collapses could occur
Further cliff collapses could occur. Picture: Getty

Experts have warned the cliffs remain "very vulnerable" with large cracks seen and people are being urged to stay away.

A council spokesman said: "Further movement is expected with fresh cracks, affecting the fence line but not the coast path.

"We will monitor over the next few weeks to ensure that any further movement does not affect access.

"Now the ground is drying out, there is the possibility of more slips and falls and they can happen very quickly.

"For your safety keep clear of tops and bases of cliffs when out and about."