Fourth member of Stockwell Six clears name almost 50 years on

23 November 2021, 12:44 | Updated: 23 November 2021, 13:36

Corrupt DS Ridgwell, claimed the group of young men attempted to rob him
Corrupt DS Ridgwell, claimed the group of young men attempted to rob him. Picture: Alamy

By Megan Hinton

A fourth member of the so-called Stockwell Six has had his conviction quashed by the Court of Appeal.

Texo Johnson, now 67, was with five other young black men who were all arrested on the London Underground while on a night out on February 18 1972.

The group, who became known as the Stockwell Six, were accused of trying to rob British Transport Police (BTP) officer Detective Sergeant Derek Ridgewell and were put on trial at the Old Bailey largely on Ridgewell's word.

At the time Ridgwell, claimed the group of young men attempted to rob him before he fought back and arrested them with a team of undercover officers.

All six pleaded not guilty, and all except one were convicted and sent to jail or Borstal, despite telling jurors that police officers had lied and subjected them to violence and threats.

At a hearing today, sir Julian Flaux, sitting with Lord Justice Dingemans and Lady Justice Andrews, said it is "most unfortunate that it has taken nearly 50 years to rectify the injustice suffered".

Who are the "Stockwell Six"?

  • Texo Johnson- conviction overturned
  • Courtney Harriot- conviction overturned
  • Paul Green- conviction overturned
  • Cleveland Davidson- conviction overturned
  • Ronald De'Souza- convicted but not yet traced by police
  • Everett Mullins- acquitted

Who else linked to DS Ridgewell has had their crime acquitted?

Ridgewell was involved in a number of high-profile and controversial cases in the early 1970s which led to:

  • The 1973 acquittals of the so-called Tottenham Court Road Two - two young Jesuits studying at Oxford University
  • The 2018 acquittal of Stephen Simmons' 1976 conviction for stealing mailbags
  • The 2019 acquittals of three members of the Oval Four "mugging squad" accused of stealing handbags
  • The March 2020 acquittal of the final member of the Oval Four