General Election LIVE: Planes, trains and a bicycle on the campaign as Sunak deploys his wife Akshata Murty

29 May 2024, 07:45 | Updated: 29 May 2024, 15:52

LBC's Live Election Coverage
LBC's Live Election Coverage. Picture: LBC

General Election campaigning has reached the middle of its first full week, with parties out in their battleground seats, explaining to voters exactly what they will do for them.

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Rishi Sunak vowed to replace "rip-off" university degrees with 100,000 more apprenticeships a year by the end of the next parliament.

The Prime Minister, who is campaigning in the South West, said his party is "offering our young people the employment opportunities and financial security they need to thrive".

Meanwhile, his wife, Akshata Murty, visited a Royal British Legion care facility in Yorkshire.

Labour's Keir Starmer met nurses and trainee medics in Worcester on Wednesday, as he detailed plans to cut NHS waiting lists.

He warned that the current 7.54 million treatment backlog could soar to 10 million if the Tories stay in power.

Labour would create an extra 40,000 appointments, scans and operations each week during evenings and weekends and double the numbers of scanners.

The Lib Dem battle bus tour took Sir Ed Davey to Wales to launch the party's election campaign there.

Alongside Welsh Lib Dem leader Jane Dodds, he set out a rescue plan for farmers including £1 billion in extra funding.

Voters across the country will go to the polls on July 4.

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Today's Highlights

  • James Cleverly and Yvette Cooper go head-to-head in live debate on LBC’s Nick Ferrari at Breakfast tomorrow at 9am
  • Election betting scandal widens to include 'family and friends' of senior Tories
  • James Cleverly fails to deny there are more Tories caught up in the betting scandal 
  • Michael Gove says the ongoing betting scandal is as bad for the Tories as Partygate
  • Secretary of State for Northern Ireland says the Tory candidate who apologised for gambling should not be suspended until the Gambling Commission decides whether he used insider knowledge or 'just a hunch.'
  • Labour to introduce a two-year "cooling-off" period before people can change their gender
  • LBC's Nick Ferrari at Breakfast is live on Global Player from 7am

Tomorrow: James Cleverly and Yvette Cooper go head-to-head in live debate on LBC’s Nick Ferrari at Breakfast

LBC kicks off the final stretch of the election campaign by hosting a pivotal policy debate on immigration.

Tomorrow (Tuesday 25th June) from 9am, Home Secretary James Cleverly and Labour's Yvette Cooper will go head-to-head in a live debate moderated by LBC’s Nick Ferrari. 

This high-stakes debate will highlight the immigration policies of the Conservative and Labour parties, providing crucial insights for voters ahead of the upcoming General Election.

The debates follow LBC’s agenda-setting leader phone-ins last week, which saw Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer take to the hot seat and answer questions from LBC callers.

LBC is available across the UK on Global Playerthe official LBC app – on smart speakers “Play LBC” – DAB digital radio and TV, and in London on 97.3 FM.

Streeting confirms Labour's plans to add more peers

Streeting responds to Kemi Badenoch's Brexit claim

Nick asks the Shadow Health Minister to respond to claims made by Kemi Badenoch that Labour will reverse Brexit.

Streeting says the Conservatives are scraping the bottom of the barrel.

He adds that Labour respects the results of the Brexit vote.

Streeting: Current gender transition process enforces outdated stereotypes

Nick asks why Labour plans to change the process for people to change their gender.

Wes Streeting says the current process is burdensome and bureaucratic and enforces outdated stereotypes that some trans people find dehumanizing.

He also responded to JK Rowling's criticism that Labour does not listen to women. Streeting said he wants to bring people together and see these issues as "challenges to be solved," not used to create division.

Streeting on gender in schools

Nick asks if Labour will ditch guidelines banning teaching children there are more than two genders.

Wes Streeting says the reality is that there is a consultation out now and they will look at this consultation to understand if changes are needed. 

He says the lack of teachers qualified to teach math and science is a more important issue.

Labour will reduce size of House of Lords

Wes Streeting says Labour want to reduce the size of the House of Lords with a retirement age. He says it is unjustifiable to have a legislative body of such a large size.

Wes Streeting: NHS dental contracts need reform

Wes Streeting says the state of dental care comes down to the NHS dentistry contract. He says not everything is about adding more money, but in this case, the values of the contract do need to be looked at.

Wes Streeting joins LBC's Nick Ferrari at Breakfast now

Heaton-Harris on gambling candidate: "We don’t know whether he did that with prior knowledge or whether that was just a hunch"

Chris Heaton-Harris suggested the Conservative Party does not know whether Craig Williams had insider knowledge when he placed his bet on the election or whether it was “just a hunch”.

“There’s both a principle point and a practical point there,” the Northern Ireland Secretary told Nick Ferrari when pressed on why the Tory candidate has not had party backing withdrawn.

“It needs to be determined whether or not he had prior knowledge.

“He said he made a bet and that was a mistake. We don’t know and I don’t believe anybody does know, maybe the Gambling Commission do… but we don’t know whether he did that with prior knowledge or whether that was just a hunch or whatever.”

Asked how damaging the scandal was, he said: “It’s not great because we should be talking about how we’re going to lower taxes and how we’re going to lower immigration.”

Heaton-Harris caught out by price of Ulez

Chris Heaton-Harris was unable to say how much motorists get charged daily for driving a vehicle that does not meet the ultra-low emission zone (Ulez) standards in London.

The Northern Ireland Secretary told LBC's Nick Ferrari at Breakfast: “Forgive me for not being able to answer this question, but I’m a protected person, which means that police have been driving me since I got this job.”

Nick replied: “Right, but you’re being put up by the Conservative Party to talk about how it will be such a benefit because you will stop the Ulez expansion, and no one’s told you how much Ulez costs.”

“I don’t know how much Ulez costs. I could probably have asked… I should have asked one of the Met Police guys who drives me around because they would definitely have been able to tell me.”

The Ulez charge is £12.50 a day.

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