Green Party Co-Leader Says She's 'Proud' Of Arrested Politician

1 September 2019, 06:55 | Updated: 1 September 2019, 06:58

Siân Berry, co-leader of the Green Party told Clive Bull she was 'proud' of her colleague and assembly member, Caroline Russell for getting arrested following 'Stop The Coup' protests.

Speaking to Clive Bull, Siân Berry, co-leader of the Green Party said she was "really proud" of her colleague Caroline Russell, who was "carried away in handcuffs" in the wake of protests against Boris Johnson's decision to suspend parliament.

Protestors were sat on the road "defending our democracy', holding up traffic, prompting police to clear Trafalgar Square.

She maintained that the prime minister was "breaking the normal rules of our constitution" and that public anger had been expressed in a "calm, dignified way".

The right to protest had been "won", not "given", via direct action, and these rights needed defending.

She confirmed more disruptive protests are being planned, with similar behaviour expected.