Heartbreaking last words of pilot aboard infamous Concorde flight which crashed killed 113 revealed

19 April 2023, 23:54

Flight 4590 crashed into a hotel in France just 77 seconds after taking off - killing 113
Flight 4590 crashed into a hotel in France just 77 seconds after taking off - killing 113. Picture: Alamy

By Chay Quinn

The heartbreaking final words of the pilot aboard a Concorde flight which crashed and killed 113 has been revealed - 23 years after the tragedy.

The July 25, 2000 Air France flight to New York crashed 77 seconds after taking off after it lost power in its engines and collided with a hotel in the small town of Gonesse.

Flight 4590 caught fire and was notified of the flames by air traffic control moments before it lost power and crashed.

Now the transcript between the Paris control tower and the doomed pilot Captain Christian Marty have been revealed in a report released into the tragedy about the supersonic flight.

Shortly after take off, the Paris control tower was heard telling the crew: "Concorde zero... 4590, you have flames. You have flames behind you."

The Concorde's chief navigator was heard saying: "Breakdown eng... Breakdown engine two.

"Cut engine two."

The image of the flight being engulfed is stained into the French consciousness when it comes to Concorde
The image of the flight being engulfed is stained into the French consciousness when it comes to Concorde. Picture: Alamy

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The flight team then apparently decided to make an attempt to gain speed in order to try an emergency landing at Le Bourget airport.

The aircraft reportedly tried to gain speed for an emergency landing before the captain was heard saying his final words.

Marty was heard saying: "Too late... no time."

The co-pilot then said: "Le Bourget, Le Bourget.

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"Negative, we are trying Le Bourget [airport to land]."

The recording ended 16 seconds after this was heard, and the plane then crashed - killing 100 passengers, nine crew, and four people on the ground.

The crash is widely remembered in France for the harrowing photos of Flight 4590 engulfed in flames and the wreckage of the incident.

After the tragedy, Air France withdrew Concorde's from its fleet - with BA following soon after.

The crash was one of the final actions for the supersonic luxury jet - which ceased commercial flights two years later.

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