Heartbroken couple forced to cancel dream wedding after luxury Snowdonia hotel is used to house asylum seekers

8 November 2022, 16:24

Simon and Lucy had their wedding cancelled by the Snowdonia Hotel as they catered to the asylum seekers
Simon and Lucy had their wedding cancelled by the Snowdonia Hotel as they catered to the asylum seekers. Picture: Facebook / Hilton

By Danielle DeWolfe

A couple have spoken of their heartbreak after their dream wedding was cancelled, with their luxury hotel venue, located 300 miles from Dover, instead used to house asylum seekers.

Simon Pritchard, 31, and Lucy Campbell, 28, were five weeks away from tying the knot at the £300-a-night Hilton hotel in Snowdonia when they were told the asylum seekers would take priority.

The couple from Towyn, North Wales, made the booking a year ago, but were only told of the cancellation on Saturday via Zoom.

Ms Campbell said: “When we were told the venue was being cancelled, we were both completely gobsmacked.

“We'd been counting down the days for the wedding to happen. When they told us, we just couldn't believe it, especially the reason they gave us."

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Simon Pritchard and Lucy Campbell
Simon Pritchard and Lucy Campbell. Picture: Social Media

Ms Campbell added: “I don't blame the staff, the people who had to tell me. It was out of their hands. But I'm not sure how to take the claim that the hotel had no choice in the matter, that the Home Office simply demanded it.”

News of the Home Office booking reached local Conservative MP Robin Millar, who has since spoken out on the matter.

Millar said: “It has come to my attention this evening that the Hilton Garden Inn at Adventure Parc Snowdonia in the Conwy Valley is providing emergency accommodation to asylum seekers whilst their applications are being processed.

“I've spoken with the agents for the site this evening - they have confirmed the arrangement is effective immediately.

Millar voiced concerns about the suitability of the hotel – whose rooms range from £146 to £300-a-night – given the remote location.

And he’s not alone, given a number of local councils are now taking legal action against the Home Office to stop the Government using hotels in their areas.

The remote luxury hotel costs up to £300 a night
The remote luxury hotel costs up to £300 a night. Picture: Hilton Garden Inn

Speaking out yesterday, immigration minister Robert Jenrick said this was only set to be a temporary measure, with officials seeking out more basic accommodation.

Mr Pritchard and Ms Campbell were due to marry in front of their three children on December 10.

However, time is now of the essence for the couple, as the law insists they must give Llandudno Registry Office 28 days' notice of their intentions to switch venue.

Speaking on the current housing of Migrants, Millar said: “I will be clear. I am concerned about the suitability of this property, in this location, for this purpose.”

The four-star Hilton Garden Inn is part of the Adventure Parc Snowdonia resort
The four-star Hilton Garden Inn is part of the Adventure Parc Snowdonia resort. Picture: Hilton Garden Inn

“It is a hotel not a detention centre. It is isolated and unsupported by the appropriate services.

“I've contacted the Home Office minister responsible for an explanation and the owner of the hotel this evening for more information and to find out more details for you.

“I have also spoken this evening with the leader of Conwy Borough Council Cllr Charlie McCoubry to see what arrangements are needed and can be put in place. He shares my concerns.”