Jean-Claude Juncker Tells Boris Johnson The EU Will Not Renegotiate Brexit Deal

25 July 2019, 18:52

Jean Claude Juncker
Jean Claude Juncker. Picture: PA

During their first phonecall EU chief negotiator Jean-Claude Juncker has told Boris Johnson that the EU will not renegotiate the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement.

The European Commission President’s told the Prime Minister the current Brexit deal’s the only one available.

Jean-Claude Juncker's been on the phone with Boris Johnson.

Earlier, the Prime Minister told MPs we must exit, with or without an agreement, by the end of October.

A European Commission spokeswoman said: "President Jean-Claude Juncker and Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke on the phone this afternoon.

"President Juncker listened to what Prime Minister Johnson had to say, reiterating the EU's position that the Withdrawal Agreement is the best and only agreement possible - in line with the European Council guidelines.

"President Juncker also underlined that the Commission remains at the disposal of the United Kingdom to add language to the Political Declaration in line with what the 27 EU leaders recalled when they met in April earlier this year, and to analyse any ideas put forward by the United Kingdom, providing they are compatible with the Withdrawal Agreement.

"The two exchanged mobile phone numbers and agreed to remain in touch.

"President Juncker reiterated that the Commission remains available over the coming weeks should the United Kingdom wish to hold talks and clarify its position in more detail."

Earlier on Thursday Mr Johnson insisted the UK must exit the EU by October 31, stating: "I, and all ministers, are committed to leaving on this date. Whatever the circumstances.

"To do otherwise would cause a catastrophic loss of confidence in our political system.

"It would leave the British people wondering whether their politicians could ever be trusted again to follow a clear democratic instruction."

The PM said: "I would prefer us to leave the EU with a deal - I would much prefer it.

"I believe that it is possible even at this late stage and I will work flat out to make it happen.

"But certain things need to be clear.

"The Withdrawal Agreement negotiated by my predecessor has been three times rejected by this House.

"Its terms are unacceptable to this Parliament and to this country."