Jeremy Corbyn: Johnson's Speech "Had No Shred Of Remorse Or Substance"

25 September 2019, 21:35

Watch Jeremy Corbyn counter Boris Johnson's opening speech in the House of Commons, which he said had "no shred of remorse and of course no substance."

"This, Mr Speaker, was ten minutes of bluster from a dangerous Prime Minister who thinks he is above the law. But in truth is not fit for the office which he holds.

He said he was glad to see so many of his colleagues "doing what they were elected to do: holding the government to account for its failings."

"Whether it's the attempts to shut down democracy, its sham Brexit negotiations, its chaotic and inadequate No Deal preparations, its allegations of corruption, its failure on climate change, its failure to step in to save Thomas Cook, this government is failing the people of Britain and the people of Britain know it."

On the Supreme Court, Jeremy Corbyn said "the highest court in this land has found the Prime Minister broke the law when he tried to shut down our democratic accountability at a crucial moment in our public life."

He continued: "The Prime Minister should have done the honourable thing and resign."

The cries of MPs shouting "resign" rang through the air.

"Yet, Mr Speaker, here he is forced back to this House to rightfully face the scrutiny he tried to avoid. With no shred of remorse or humility and of course no substance whatsoever."