Jeremy Corbyn: Stopping Freedom Of Movement Could Create "Windrush On Steroids"

20 August 2019, 15:52

The Labour leader was speaking in Stevenage today.
The Labour leader was speaking in Stevenage today. . Picture: PA

Jeremy Corbyn has urged the Home Office not to impose restrictions on EU nationals living in the UK.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said that stopping freedom of movement could lead to a scandal like "windrush on steroids".

He also urged the Home Office not to impose proposed restrictions on EU nationals living in the UK.

Speaking about Home Secretary Priti Patel's propositions, Jeremy Corbyn stated, "Priti Patel has announced that freedom of movement here in every form will end on October 31. It is an utterly ludicrous position she has adopted."

"Does that mean that a European Union national living in this country, possibly as a doctor, a nurse, a trauma surgeon, all kinds of things, goes home to see their family in Germany or Czech Republic or wherever else, they are not allowed back into this country? Is this another Windrush, on steroids? It is a ludicrous proposal."

"We rely on a lot of European nationals to maintain our industries, maintain our education services."

Speaking directly to Priti Patel, the labour leader told her to "cut the nonsense, and don't impose this again."

Jeremy Corbyn also said that in a choice between a no-deal Brexit and backing remain, the party would "campaign for Remain."

He added, "I campaigned for Remain in the referendum in 2016, the result was different. This isn't a re-run of 2016. This would be an opportunity for people to decide, at the end of the day, what they actually want.

"I would hope we would reject no-deal because half of our trade is with the European Union. Many European nationals have made their homes and made a fantastic contribution to our community. Many industries rely on that. Manufacturing, agriculture, education, and so on. Let's be sensible about this."

Mr Corbyn said Boris Johnson should is "not serious at all" about negotiating a deal, and said he needs to "wise up" and "stop the nonsense" with the October 31 Brexit deadline.

"He created this arbitrary date by his behaviour during the Tory leadership campaign. He needs to wise up and stop the nonsense with October 31 and start talking seriously."

He said the Prime Minister should try and secure an extension with the EU and withdraw his commitment to the 31 October deadline.

"I would have thought the Prime Minister should have been more sensitive and say we'll withdraw the October 31, we'll discuss an extension with the European Union, and then see where we go from there."

When asked about 'Operation Yellowhammer', Mr Corbyn said, "it isn't an outside force that is causing the problem, it is the Government itself that is creating the problem in the first place."

"Yellowhammer shows exactly what will happen. There are already difficulties over medicine supplies in this country, already lots of uncertainty about businesses, trade, investment, exports, jobs, and so on, all created by this arbitrary day of 31 October. "