Jeremy Vine films his own bike being reversed into by lorry, as he angrily bangs on rear of vehicle

13 September 2023, 16:00 | Updated: 13 September 2023, 16:19

Jeremy Vine was reversed into by the van
Jeremy Vine was reversed into by the van. Picture: Twitter/Alamy

By Kit Heren

Jeremy Vine has filmed his own bike being reversed into by a lorry that had made a wrong turn.

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The radio presenter, well known for the point-of-view bike videos he posts to Twitter, was cycling down Tavistock Square in Bloomsbury on Wednesday when a lorry coming the other way turned right in front of him.

Vine called out, shouting "No, no!", as he continued to cycle.

The turn was against the rules of the road, so to make up for their mistake, the lorry driver started to reverse back onto the main road.

But Vine had tried to go past the lorry by this point, and was hit by the vehicle at a low speed as it went backwards, and came off the bike.

The DJ appeared physically unharmed by the incident, but was clearly shaken, and began hitting his hand against the back of the lorry in protest.

Commenters were divided, with some saying he should have slowed down to allow the driver to fix his mistake. Others agreed with him that the lorry driver was in the wrong.

One person said: "So the guy makes a mistake, tries to rectify it but rather than help, the cyclist chooses to stay behind the van hammering on the door. Ambulance chasers."

Another added: "You see, what I would have done Jeremy is slow down rather then speed up and take a little detour into the back of his van for twitter content.

"You’re a weird guy, Jeremy. A weird, weird guy."

Another said: "The driver was undoubtedly in the wrong here but I am going to say a but…why would you put yourself in such a dangerous position?

"Why pass directly behind the vehicle like that when you know it’s driver has made an illegal turn and obviously has to reverse?"

Jeremy Vine
Jeremy Vine. Picture: Alamy

Others were more sympathetic to Vine. "Scary as hell. Glad you're okay. Can't believe the van took an illegal turn and then tried to correct it by reversing the wrong way! Points are not enough, immediate license revoke."

A second person said: "You’re lucky to be alive. Sorry to see this happened. Just awful."

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