Jess Phillips: I Feel 'Jumpy, Worried And Frightened'

27 September 2019, 15:03

Labour MP Jess Phillips tells Global's Newsroom she is "jumpy, worried and frightened" after a man was arrested outside her constituency office.

Speaking to our reporter, the MP for Birmingham Yardley said she feels "desperately upset" after she returned to her regional office.

She said her constituents were having to be turned away due to "security advice," following an incident on Thursday where a 36-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of a public order offence and possession of cannabis.

Telling Global's Newsroom what happened she said a man attempted to get into her office and was "kicking the doors and windows," but her staff were able to lock the door. She said she'd be speaking to the police about the matter and did not know the motivation behind the incident.

Clarifying the security advice she had received Ms Phillips said she was advised to keep her office closed on Friday.

Jess Phillips in the House of Commons yesterday
Jess Phillips in the House of Commons yesterday. Picture: PA

The MP said normally her job is "made worthwhile" by spending time helping her local constituents. When asked if she felt unsafe, Ms Phillips said: "the rational part of my brain says that I'm probably OK, but yeah I feel jumpy, worried and frightened."

She also revealed on Thursday the phones in her Westminster office were subject to a barrage of calls, "the line was being jammed by people" who were "using words like traitor."

The MP tweeted a message to her constituents that they could still ring or email her for help and thanking others for their kind words.

She said she is worried about her family, even though they might tell her everything is fine.

The MP said she had received "loads of lovely support" via email, but there had also been messages of hate such as "you're going to be smited."One message even said, "can't wait to buy popcorn to watch you suffer."

The politician finished by saying the thing that annoys her most is "my phone lines are jammed up, my time is taken up, my constituency office is shut, and all I wanna do is do what I do every week and sit with my constituents and try and help them.

"My constituents have been prorogued."

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