Jessie J jokes she is 'unemployed' as she splits from record label after 17 years

29 September 2023, 15:41

Jessie J revealed that she has split from her label
Jessie J revealed that she has split from her label. Picture: Instagram

By Emma Soteriou

Jessie J has joked that she is "unemployed" after splitting from her record label after 17 years.

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The 35-year-old revealed that she had left Republic Records after being signed to the label for 17 years.

Speaking in an Instagram video, the singer explained that she was keen for there to "not be a negative spin" on the decision as there was "nothing but good vibes".

Jessie released some of her biggest hits through the label during her career, including Price Tag and Domino.

She said she did not "want it to feel like a huge, big thing even though it is obviously – but it isn’t".

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"After 17 years I have decided to leave Republic Records. I was about six months pregnant when I made this decision," the singer said.

She called Republic "the best record label in the world", adding: "I have to just be honest with who I am and what I want from my career now and how I feel – and being signed just doesn’t sit with that now."

"There’s no negative spin, nothing’s happened, it’s not dramatic. It’s just me saying it doesn’t feel right being signed and it hasn’t for years. So, I need to stop just trusting my instincts and act on them…"

She joked: "So now I am unemployed!"

The singer recently welcomed her son, Sky, with partner Chanan Safir Colman in May.

She said: "I’m an Aries and now I’ve had a baby, there is just no stopping me. Something happens when you have a baby where you just give zero f**ks.

"But there is nothing but good vibes from me on this, I have nothing bad to say about Republic. It just isn’t the right place for me anymore – and so I left."

Her caption read: "Not me looking like Johnny Depp from Charlie and the chocolate factory for my big statement. 

"Thank you Monte and Avery Lipman, Jason Flomm, and everyone who I’ve worked with at Republic for the past 17 years. What a rollercoaster. Mic drop."