The Kevin The Carrot Christmas Advert That Parents Are Complaining About

8 November 2018, 09:31 | Updated: 8 November 2018, 09:37

Parents have complained about Aldi's new Christmas advert featuring Kevin The Carrot over children's fear that carrot had died.

The ad for the budget supermarket parodies the famous Coca-Coe truck and ends in a tense moment with Kevin’s lorry hanging over a cliff.

But worried parents complained to the advertising watchdog over fears their kids had been traumatised.

Suzanne Coulter said: “They saw it was Kevin driving, who they love, and were excited. But there is a major road accident and the truck is hanging over a cliff.

“They thought Kevin has died and were distraught. It’s upsetting for their ­little minds.”

The controversial Save Kevin advert
The controversial Save Kevin advert. Picture: Aldi

Nick Ferrari said of the complaints: "It's appropriate for Christmas that there are so many snowflakes about."

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