London Bridge: Eyewitness tells LBC what happened during incident

29 November 2019, 14:53 | Updated: 29 November 2019, 16:24

An eye witness on London Bridge tells LBC what happened after he heard multiple gun shots and was evacuated from the area. It has since been confirmed a man was shot by armed police.

The caller Dan was walking towards the north side of London Bridge when he was told to turn back.

"Within about 10 seconds heard about - at first you could hear a few bangs - it was about six or seven which you think could only be one thing," he said, "then we heard a couple of loud bangs that didn't sound like shots that were a bit louder."

"Obviously everyone started panicking me. We managed to get down to the riverside towards HMS Belfast."

Shelagh asked about the subsequent loud bangs and how soon after the initial shots they came.

"It was all within the space of about 30 seconds to a minute I would think. It didn't last much longer than that," he said, "there was a definite different sound to those two bangs and I don't know what they were really."

He said all the bangs sounded like they were coming from the "same place" which was on the north side of London Bridge.

"I thought at one stage I saw some sort of smoke rise up," Dan said.

Shelagh asked what happened to the traffic - "it still sat there," Dan replied and standing on Tower Bridge while talking to LBC he could see the traffic still there.

The Metropolitan police has released an announcement:

"Police were called at 1:58pm to a stabbing at premises near to London Bridge. Emergency services attended, including officers from the Met and City of London Police.

A man has been detained by police. We believe a number of people have been injured. Further info to follow."