London Bridge terror attack: Tobias Ellwood gives a powerful response

29 November 2019, 18:06

Former Defence Minister Tobias Ellwood, who fought to save the life of PC Keith Palmer in the Westminster terror attack two years ago, gives a powerful response to today's terror attack at London Bridge.

"All our thoughts are with those who have been injured," Mr Ellwood said, "I'm pleased to see that the Prime Minister has stopped the campaigning, is meeting up with the Metropolitan Police Commissioner and other counter-terrorism experts to look at this in more detail.

"I can only join others in commending the emergency response who were able to lock down the area, close the incident down almost immediately.

"But also thoughts to the very very brave individuals - those people who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time but did the right thing in stepping forward and showing that bad will not prevail.

"These people that want to disrupt our way of life will not win - they will either be captured, they'll be arrested, or as we saw today, they will be killed and that must be the strongest message that goes out: London is a place that will not tolerate terrorism. We will act as one."

Eddie asked Mr Ellwood: "How difficult was it for you to see some of the footage today given what you witnessed and experienced?"

Tobias Ellwood after trying to save the life of PC Keith Palmer who died in the 2017 Westminster terror attack
Tobias Ellwood (centre) after trying to save the life of PC Keith Palmer who died in the 2017 Westminster terror attack. Picture: PA

He responded that he hasn't digested it yet as events are still unfurling; he is concerned that a wider lockdown of the area could mean a secondary attack and questioned whether the terrorist was acting alone.

Eddie pointed out that members of the public put themselves in danger and acted bravely. "As someone who did something very similar, in a not dissimilar incident, what went through your mind? Was it instinct? Did you think at all?"

Mr Ellwood said he doesn't like to recall the Westminster event where he gave CPR to PC Palmer and said, "I think anybody in that position, you have a very swift decision to make as to whether you feel confident enough to move forward.

"What I understand from today is a number of people joined together and it was through that team effort that they were able to feel the strength of actually standing up for good."

Eddie asked whether the entire election campaign should be paused.

Mr Ellwood said that we must keep going and moving on: "We must progress forward. We must stand up for what we believe in."

Once again, he praised the response from emergency services and the public, and said that we have learned from the previous terror attacks.