Luciana Berger Refuses To Back Corbyn As Caretaker PM

30 August 2019, 20:38

Luciana Berger refused to support Jeremy Corbyn in a temporary government of national unity after being asked three times.

Speaking to Ayesha Hazarika, the former Labour MP, Luciana Berger, has said she would not back Jeremy Corbyn as caretaker Prime Minister in a bid to stop a no deal Brexit.

The MP who left the Labour Party earlier this year over failures of the leadership to tackle the anti-semitism crisis engulfing the party, claimed Corbyn did not command enough support in the Commons to lead a temporary government of national unity.

She added; "the first rule of politics is being able to count, and there is absolutely no way, whether you like it or not, that Jeremy Corbyn will be able to get enough support from Conservative MPs".

She did however describe a new sense of unity among remain leaders in the House, pointing to recent talks by anti-no-deal politicians, including the Labour leader.

"I will assess every decision as I always do with the information and facts at my disposal".

"It's not about declaring one's hand," she said, after being pressed on what the plan was to block no-deal.

There was now an "appetite" within MPs to work together to halt no-deal, with "a new sense of purpose and unity."

She went on to add a more personal reason to her decision not to back Corbyn ;

"I left the Labour party, and I left the Labour party for very good reasons, and one of those reasons was around the leadership."