Man charged over anti-Semitic post after Nick Ferrari handed Met Police dossier

26 February 2020, 15:32 | Updated: 26 February 2020, 20:33

Nick Ferrari handed a dossier to Cressida Dick
Nick Ferrari handed a dossier to Cressida Dick. Picture: LBC

A man has been charged as part of a Scotland Yard investigation into anti-Semitic hate crime after Nick Ferrari handed an internal Labour dossier to Commissioner Cressida Dick in 2018.

Mohson Rasool, 60, from Birmingham has been charged after specialist detectives conducted a year long investigation into the documentation passed to the Met by LBC.

On 4th September 2018, Commissioner Cressida Dick was handed a folder of paperwork following a radio interview with LBC Radio. A complainant had alleged that the documentation included evidence of anti-Semitic hate crimes.

Specialist officers from the MPS assessed all the material provided and a criminal investigation commenced into some of the allegations contained within the documentation and a request for early investigative advice was made to the Crown Prosecution Service on 2 November 2018. This advice was received on 29 January 2019.

Mr Rasool has been charged with sending a message that is "grossly offensive" contrary to section 127(1) of the Communications Act 2003.

Rasool is due to appear at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court on 25 March at 10:00hrs.

He was arrested on 7th March 2019 on suspicion of publishing or distributing material likely to stir up racial hatred.

The CPS have also decided not to charge four other people with any crime. They are still investigating one other man in his 60s.

An additional five files were submitted to the CPS on 10th February 2020 seeking further early investigative advice in relation to another five individuals, none of whom have been arrested or interviewed under caution at this stage.