'Why aren't you dead?': Man 'eats raw chicken for 25 days straight' but feels 'totally fine'

13 February 2024, 08:50

The man claims to have been eating raw chicken for several weeks
The man claims to have been eating raw chicken for several weeks. Picture: Instagram/rawchickenexperiment
Kieran Kelly

By Kieran Kelly

A man has claimed he feels 'totally fine' after eating chicken for 25 days in a row.

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The 'chicken guy', named John, started his experiment more than three weeks ago when he a took a huge bite out of a raw chicken breast.

Since then, he has been using the raw chicken in traditional dishes, including wings for the Super Bowl and pasta.

When asked why he is conducting the experiment, he replied: "I have nothing better to do."

He even blends the chicken
He even blends the chicken. Picture: rawchickenexperiment/Instagram

On Tuesday, he appeared on The Kyle and Jackie O Show to talk about his bizarre dietary experiment.

"I figure if I get a tummy ache, I'll probably get extremely scared and stop the experiment because it can get a little gnarly, is what I've heard," John told them.

"Why aren't you dead?" Kyle joked.

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"I think I've done a lot of terrible things to my body throughout my life," John said.

He told the hosts that the taste reminds him of scallop and said thighs and wings were the hardest types of raw chicken to get through.

Eating raw chicken significantly increases the risk of developing a foodborne illness, better known as food poisoning.

Around one million people in the US get sick every year from eating contaminated poultry.

That's because raw chicken, especially when bought from the supermarket, is likely to have Salmonella or Campylobacter organisms, which can be eliminated by thoroughly cooking the meat.

Asked how long he intends to carry on the experiment, John thinks he will do it for 100 days or at least until he is hospitalised.