MONEY with David Buik and Michael Wilson: A Global original podcast

25 July 2022, 08:52 | Updated: 25 July 2022, 09:51

MONEY: A Global exclusive podcast
MONEY: A Global exclusive podcast. Picture: LBC

David Buik & Michael Wilson, two of the most respected commentators in the world of money and business come together for a new weekly podcast – MONEY!

As the markets become ever more unpredictable and peoples’ finances get stretched, they will detail the stories you need to be looking at. Whether it’s mergers, acquisitions, or the effect of inflation on your wallet, the MONEY podcast will cover the big business stories and how they affect you.

David Buik is a veteran of the City of London, after spending almost 60 years working in Britain’s financial industry. He started his career in the City in 1962, working for the merchant bank Philip Hill, Higginson, Erlangers. He later worked for RP Martin, Godsell LDA and Exco before extending his career as a market commentator at Cantor Index, BGC Partners and Panmure Gordon & Co.

David was awarded an MBE in 2016 for his services to Finance Services. Now retired, he continues to retain all the zestful enthusiasm for markets and remains wholly committed to the further expansion of the City of London, considered by him to be the unparalleled citadel in Europe for financial services.

Michael Wilson is the UK’s longest serving Business and Finance Editor. He joined Sky News at its beginning in 1989 and worked through boom and bust until 2009. Since then, Michael has broadcast for most of the major TV and media channels and, has been published nationally and internationally. His job has always been to cut through the financial jargon and deliver an easily digestible relevant take on the money issues of the day.