Moment furious vigilante mum tracks down group who ‘robbed’ bike to take it back, as police ‘refuse to help’

30 June 2023, 21:57 | Updated: 30 June 2023, 22:00

She took the bike back in Merseyside.
She took the bike back in Merseyside. Picture: Tiktok

By Jenny Medlicott

This is the moment a livid mother tracks down a group to reclaim a bike she alleges they stole.

Hayley Tulley, of Merseyside, set off on a mission to retrieve a bike she alleges a group of boys had stolen from her daughter’s boyfriend.

Posting in a video taken by her daughter online, the mother-of-two is shown driving around her hometown in Formby, Merseyside with her daughter in the car when she happens upon the alleged thieves.

She says in the video “there’s one of the boys” and then adds “and there’s the one with the bike”.

The alleged thief cycles past them in the car, wearing a black hoodie and blue joggers, and pulls up to the curb of a bus lane.

Hayley quickly does a U-turn and pulls up to the curb where he’s stood, and jumps out without hesitation.

Her daughter filming the video tried to deter Hayley from approaching the man with the bike, as she pleaded “mum, don’t, stay in the car”.

But Hayley proceeds to storm up to the man holding the bike and a man he’s stood talking to, grabs it back from him much to his apparent surprise.

Warning: Video contains strong language

The mum took the bike back off the alleged thief.
The mum took the bike back off the alleged thief. Picture: Tiktok

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Hayley wheels the bike down to the car before stowing it away in the vehicle’s backseat.

Her daughter, in a tone of disbelief, can be heard saying: “There’s no way…you’re so funny.”

The early on-screen text in the video reads: “When you’re not having some scumbag rob your property so you rob it back off them.”

The post, which has three quarter of a million views and over 30,000 likes, was met with enthusiasm from commenters.

One said: “Good on ya! Love the way he doesn’t even try to get it back as he knows!”

Another added: “This is fantastic, the look on your mum’s face said ‘I dare you to try me’.”

Hayley posted on social media to share the footage on Wednesday, writing: 'Why is it okay just to sit back and let these lowlifes take your property? I'm not having it!

"The police don't want to help, so you suss out where the little rats are and catch them totally off guard. Name and shame these horrible little rats," the Daily Mail reported.

She also added: "Please Beware! Look after your own stuff."

It comes after data uncovered by the Liberal Democrats earlier this year revealed that in only one in 10 bike thefts suspects are identified and only 1.7% of of cases result in a charge over a 12 month period.

Between July 2021 to July 2022, 74,421 bike thefts were reported to police in the UK but only 1,239 cases resulted in a charge or summons.