Nicola Sturgeon reveals she would stand down if she loses second indyref

20 April 2022, 14:37 | Updated: 20 April 2022, 14:39

Nicola Sturgeon has appeared on Loose Women and said a loss at another referendum would see her "make way".
Nicola Sturgeon has appeared on Loose Women and said a loss at another referendum would see her "make way". Picture: Alamy

By Gina Davidson

Nicola Sturgeon has said she would "make way" as First Minister should she lose a second independence referendum if it is ever held.

Appearing on the ITV show Loose Women, she was put on the spot by panellist Carol McGiffin when asked about life beyond politics.

Describing her as not being a quitter, the presenter challenged her: "If you get a referendum on independence and lose that one would you give up?"

Nicola Sturgeon replied: "I'm not going to engage in the hypotheticals of that."

Pushed to answer "yes or no", she added: "I think when Scotland next votes on independence it will vote yes."

Ms McGiffin pressed again: "But if it doesn't will you give it up?"

Ms Sturgeon added: "I suspect I will make way for someone else but I'm not contemplating that at the moment.

"I'm in the fortunate position I guess of having been in politics a long time and I'm not about to give it up, but when I do I will helpfully be relatively young and look forward to doing things later in life."

The First Minister has said she wants a second independence referendum to be held in 2023, however Boris Johnson has said he will not grant the Section 30 order that would allow the Scottish Government to act.

Despite that, a referendum bill is due to be put in front of the Scottish Parliament this year, although Nicola Sturgeon has not given any timetable.

She is set to become the longest serving First Minister of Scotland this year. She took up the post in November 2014 after Alex Salmond stood down after losing the independence referendum held that year.

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