Nigel Farage Warns Tories Will Be "Annihilated" If Brexit Doesn't Happen On Time

31 July 2019, 07:13

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage
Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage. Picture: PA

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has said if the Conservative Party fails to deliver Brexit they'll be "annihilated" at a general election.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Mr Farage praised the Prime Minister's performance since being installed in Downing Street, but warned that voters should remain sceptical about Mr Johnson's ability to deliver a no-deal Brexit.

He said Mr Johnson did not intend to depart the EU by Halloween but was seeking to improve Britain's negotiating position over the Withdrawal Agreement.

He added: "It must not be forgotten that Johnson voted for it at the third time of asking. If passing this is now his ambition for Brexit, my party will vigorously oppose him."

The Brexit Party is preparing to run candidates in a general election in Labour-held constituencies in the north of England, the Midlands and Wales.

Mr Farage said the Tories could never win the seats, which had mainly voted Leave in the 2016 referendum. He also ruled out forming an alliance with the Conservatives.

But the Brexit Party leader said he will not form an alliance with the Tories while Dominic Cummings is Mr Johnson's special adviser on leaving the bloc.

Mr Farage has previously cast doubt on Mr Cummings's Brexit convictions.

He said: "Lack of trust in the Conservatives is now a problem; many of us will only believe in a clean-break Brexit when we see it.

"Britain's best chance of achieving independence now comes from the Brexit Party.

"If the UK does not leave on October 31, the Conservatives will be annihilated in any subsequent general election."